Entrance Hall funded by the Friends

Entrance Hall December 2013,
funded by the Friends of Kenwood




The Kitchen Garden

Copper beaches near the Dairy






London Bridge

London Bridge by Claude de Jongh 1630 - the Friends visited the English Heritage Conservation Studio to see the painting being restored.

DONOR BOOK to mark the completion of the Caring for Kenwood project
English Heritage  produced a little booklet which records the huge undertaking of 2012 - 13.  In it, you will find a short description of the House and its collection, lots of Before and After photos, and finally a list of contributors to the project.  

The Friends of Kenwood take up a whole page, thanks to your wonderful generosity towards our Entrance Hall Appeal. You can download the story here.



English Heritage has installed a new structure at the viewpoint on the Stable Field east of Kenwood House:

Kenwood Viewpoint



A useful map of the Kenwood Estate and the age classes of its tree:

Kenwood Trees


Friends of Kenwood receive two newsletters a year - a June and December edition. These are accompanied by information about special events, visits and our lecture programme. Enclosed in the mailing are booking forms and from time to time an invitation for a special reception.

Occasionally visits are arranged after a newsletter has been mailed so please check the website for other activities. News of new events is also sent to you by email. If we do not have your email then please send it to us at info@friendsofkenwood.org.uk

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You might also like to read the Art Review in the New York Times 6 April 2012 on the arrival of Kenwood's 'Portrait of the Artist Rembrandt van Rijn' painted in 1665


The Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday 14 April 2019.

The report by Mrs Christine-Mathez-Davey, Chairman of the Friends of Kenwood can be downloaded here


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