Brew House Terrace

Brew House Terrace



Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden


By joining as a member you not only have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the long term future of Kenwood but you will also enjoy substantial benefits:

We do make a charge for some of the above events such as the trips but these are to cover our costs and such events are often over-subscribed!

There are various categories of membership available:

Membership Categories Cost  
Individual Membership £18
Joint Membership £27 (2 members at the same address)
Associate Membership £6 (Under 18 and full time student)
Individual Life Membership £300
Joint Life Membership £400
Rembrandt £300
Vermeer £750
Update from Individual Membership to Joint £9

Subscriptions are payable annually on 1 June. If you join us part-way through the year the full subscription is still payable.

GOOD NEWS! You can now pay your subscription on line!

Individual Membership £18.00
Joint Membership £27.00
Associate Membership £6.00
Individual Life Membership £300.00
Joint Life Membership £400.00
Rembrandt Membership £300.00
Vermeer Membership £750.00
Update from Individual Membership to Joint £9.00

On the PayPal page, please do NOT choose the option 'Pay by a debit or credit card'. You need to pay choosing the 'Pay with my PayPal account' option. It is easy to set up a PayPal account, but if you get stuck, please just email us and we can help you!

If you are a new member and paying by PayPal, we need to be able to contact you! So please ALSO send us your details by completing an application form. You can either email it to us at or post it to us at Friends of Kenwood, Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane, NW3 7JR. 

If you are an existing member and the name on your credit card is not the same as your membership name, please send an email to
info@friendsof to give us either your membership number or your membership name.

You can:

If you are an existing member please renew your membership for 2018-19. Please complete and return the renewal form.

An invitation to become more involved by becoming a Rembrandt Friend or a Vermeer Friend

Why not be an extra special Friend? By paying £300 you can become a Rembrandt Friend or a Vermeer Friend for £750. Benefits include all the normal benefits of membership shown above, plus invitations to special events, advanced information, and acknowledgement of your support.

Download a brochure to find out more or a donor application form.

Corporate Benefactors Scheme

We especially encourage organisations, both local and national, to become a Corporate Benefactor. For more details and the many benefits, download the brochure below (in three parts). To become a Corporate Benefactor which costs £500 per annum, please complete and send us your Application Form

An invitation to become a Corporate Benefactor

Our current benefactors are shown on our home page


Registered charity number 273258

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